About Beach Volleyball Training

Piedmont Beach Volleyball Club focuses on beach volleyball training, and was started in the spring of 2012 with one coach and a handful of athletes.  By the end of the season we had 20 athletes and had added a few great coaches.

This club was started for several reasons, but the main reason was born out of a love, Director, Scott Castevens had for the game. He wanted to see the game grow here in the southeast, North Carolina more specifically. At the time, Scott believed the sand training would strengthen the Piedmont indoor volleyball program, where he also coached. It would create and develop better all around players who are not just good at one position/area, but able to pass, set, block, hit, and serve effectively.

In the spring of 2013 Piedmont Beach Volleyball Club had more than 100 athletes participating throughout the spring/summer.  We have added an incredible coaching staff, who all have a passion for the game, and all currently play or have played beach doubles themselves.  Just recently we launched our College Development Program (CDP) which is a year round program designed for the athlete focused primarily on beach and committed to the training required to be in this program.

Our goal with this program is to help prepare the athletes to play sand at the college level, and potentially even at the professional level.

Team Picture

After a lot of discussion and consideration, we decided to change our name from Piedmont Beach Volleyball Club to Beach South Volleyball Club.  We want everyone to know and understand that we are an independent club.  We are not associated directly with an indoor club, and are open to everyone regardless of their indoor club affiliation. Our coaches, coach at different indoor clubs and high schools all over the Triad. We have the same coaches, the same training, just a new name. We are excited about the name change and believe it is in our best interest as our club continues to grow.

We want every athlete involved with Beach South Volleyball to feel welcome, to increase their knowledge on the game of beach volleyball, have fun, and be competitive.  We are excited to see what the future holds for BSVC and the sport of beach volleyball as it continues to grow.

We hope to see you at Beach South soon!!