See what people are saying about Beach South Volleyball

  • We really enjoyed playing in Kernersville this past weekend!  My daughter was in heaven – we are originally from Kentucky, so the horse in the field coupled with her love for beach volleyball was really cool!  We met some other nice folks from your club in Atlanta on Sunday as well – you are running a top notch program there. – Laura Justice

  • Thanks Scott for Rylee’s experience! She made Northwest’s Volleyball team.  Her experience with all the  Beach South coaches certainly helped her grow as a player. 

    – Rosalyn

  • Thanks Scott!  It was awesome participating in your event.  We just fell in love with your setup. Thanks again for your hospitality.  I am spreading the word on our great experience. – Traci Small (Florida)

  • VedatBeach South was a great choice. I have seen many players improved their game skill tremendously. As an indoor player participating in their summer training, it triples their strength and volleyball IQ. 

    – Vedat Yuce (Grimsley Head Coach and Piedmont 18’s Red Coach)


  • We just got back to Charlotte after playing in the 18U Super Regional at the Beach South venue. My daughter (Natalie) and her partner (Lindsey) won only one of four matches. Normally this would have made for a glum trip home. But they were both quite pleased with their experience. They loved the site (well, except maybe for the port-o-let). They enjoyed competing against some really good teams. And they got along well with their opponents. All in all, they had a great time. In addition to the quality of play, I personally was impressed with the sportsmanship and sense of fair play displayed by the Beach South teams. I saw girls making calls against themselves. I saw refs siding with the out-of-towners and against their own teammates on disputed calls (something I’ve rarely seen at other venues around the state). I saw the girls stay positive, even after tough defeats. This tells me that in addition to providing top-notch volleyball coaching, you are also teaching values. That will serve the girls well long after their volleyball careers are over. So keep up the good work. I hope we get to play another tournament there later this summer. – Mark Buechler

  • unnamed-1We would like to thank Scott, Kevin, Kelly and all the other coaches at Beach South for providing such a great atmosphere for our daughter, Madelynn, to learn the game of beach volleyball. At first, Madelynn signed up with Beach South for the training and conditioning to stay in shape over the summer and be better prepared for the indoor season. However, after the first month of training, beach volleyball quickly became Madelynn’s favorite sport. Through the great training that our daughter received at PVC Beach we saw her play and understanding of the beach game improve dramatically throughout the summer season.
    IMG_1116Each coach at Beach South has a strong understating of volleyball fundamentals and beach volleyball strategy. Madelynn liked the individual attention that each girl received from the coaches during practices and their positive attitude. It is encouraging to have your child be coached by individuals who know the game and are passionate about the sport.

     – Clayton and Tammi Lichty


  • I think the biggest thing Beach South has helped me with is accountability. With just two people on the court, if you don’t do your job it will resonate on every point. It was definitely a lot easier to read the hitter on the court after coming from a practice on the sand as well, and that’s important as a defender. 




    Morgan Maner ( Elon University – libero )

  • Beach South volleyball has helped me 100% with speed, agility and court vision. Beach training will improve your indoor game and it’s a blast! 

    – Ashley Muench ( UNCG Outside Hitter )

  • Playing with Beach South over the summers helped me in many ways. First, training in the sand increased both my speed and vertical. It was very cool to see how much faster I was once I got back on the court. Beach also helped my volleyball IQ. After playing sand, my shot selection greatly increased while my court awareness was enhanced. I definitely recommend playing beach volleyball for anyone who wishes to increase their athleticism and volleyball game! Rachel Earnhardt ( Davidson College – Outside Hitter )

I love playing beach volleyball because it is so much more relaxing than indoor. Beach South has made me become a better all-around player because in the sand there is only you and your partner. Beach has also provided me with some great friends and an amazing support system. 

Casey Wells ( Furman – Outside Hitter )