About Our Indoor Programs

A couple of years ago Beach South decided to play in one or two indoor events during the winter months just mainly for a team bonding experience and then later on for additional exposure for some of our dual (beach/indoor) players. We had a lot of success with no real practice or set team and in 2017, our 18u team won Gold in the Quest Tournament, not dropping a match the entire tournament. We have had many people asking us if we would start an indoor program, but we did not feel it was the right time, until now. We see several areas we feel we can improve on for the athletes to enjoy their indoor club experience and have a different view point than many indoor clubs in the area.
We want to bring the same level of training to the indoor side as we have had on the beach side for 7+ years now. We also want to bring our values/philosophy into an indoor club as well that isn’t seen in many clubs. We feel it is crucial to have good leadership from the top down and quality coaching at every level. We don’t have aspirations of being the largest club in the area, but we believe in quality over quantity. We will have solid training and coaching at all levels and spend time working with all of our coaches to make sure they feel adequately trained to lead their teams. We will demand a lot from our coaches as well as our players.

We will be working with High Point University Volleyball monthly to grow our coaches skill set along with our athletes. We will also be working with Elon University Volleyball more as an advisory team in ways we can improve on our coaching and training of our athletes. We will be working with USA Volleyball as well bringing in top trainers and coaches to push and challenge our leadership staff and athletes. We are ok with not being one of the largest clubs around as our focus again is more quality driven over quantity. We are planning to start our teams this first season at a regional/zonal level unless we see and feel early on we have a team who can compete at the level of a National Event. If that is the case, then we will discuss the possibility of adding events in with our families.

We are excited for this opportunity– we have two great facilities we will be using and a great support staff. We hope to bring the same strong reputation we have had on our beach side into the indoor side. Our Beach Program will still go on as usual, please visit our “Programs” tab for offerings and info.

We have a great coaching staff lined up specifically for the indoor program and will be adding more in time. Heading up our indoor program will be Caldwell Academy Athletic Director and Varsity Volleyball Coach, Dan Bozarth. Scott Castevens, Beach South Director will assist Dan in this endeavor as well. Please visit our coaches tab for more info on all of our coaching staff.