We just got back to Charlotte after playing in the 18U Super Regional at the Beach South venue. My daughter (Natalie) and her partner (Lindsey) won only one of four matches. Normally this would have made for a glum trip home. But they were both quite pleased with their experience. They loved the site (well, except maybe for the port-o-let). They enjoyed competing against some really good teams. And they got along well with their opponents. All in all, they had a great time. In addition to the quality of play, I personally was impressed with the sportsmanship and sense of fair play displayed by the Beach South teams. I saw girls making calls against themselves. I saw refs siding with the out-of-towners and against their own teammates on disputed calls (something I’ve rarely seen at other venues around the state). I saw the girls stay positive, even after tough defeats. This tells me that in addition to providing top-notch volleyball coaching, you are also teaching values. That will serve the girls well long after their volleyball careers are over. So keep up the good work. I hope we get to play another tournament there later this summer.