I have nothing but positive words for Beach South Volleyball Club. I coached for a year at Beach South and then moved to FL to train with my partner. Spending that season coaching and really delving into the game reignited my passion for beach volleyball. I truly admire Scott’s vision for the club and for beach volleyball in our region. His goal is to grow the game, but it goes much deeper than that. His passion for helping people grow in all aspects of life is quite evident. He incorporates community service events into the club season and drives home the importance of family and commitment throughout the season. There is definitely a tight knit family vibe associated with Beach South, and not one that is clingy and intimidating, but one that greets you with open arms, welcomes you in, looks after you and provides a competitive training environment. To train and coach in a positive environment where you feel comfortable and trusted, yet challenged is huge for me. I am thankful for the opportunity to have coached at Beach South and become part of their family!

Sarah Schermerhorn Beach South Volleyball Testimonial