Interested in Private Volleyball Lessons?

Private Lessons are designed to teach individuals in a one-to-one scenario. In many cases, athletes use this time to work on a certain aspect of the game that they need help with. Whether that be serving, passing, defense, hitting, blocking and so on. Beach South allows players to get one-on-one training on the beach or indoor level.

Email us to book a certain time and day.  You may request a specific coach if you would like and we will work to get them, otherwise it will be the first available coach to meet your needs.  Our private lesson rates are as follows:

  • Individual lesson – $50/hr, $30 for 1/2 hr
  • Buddy lesson  (2 players) 1 hour $40 per person
  • Group lesson (3 – 5 players) 1 hours $30 per person

Please contact us for more information.