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We have athletes at all different levels and ages. Some know they want to play in college, some know they don’t want to play in college, and some just aren’t sure yet. For those who are wanting to play in college or not sure yet, we offer recruiting seminars one to two times each season. We will work with athletes as much as we can to assist them in the recruiting process. We have had a pretty good track record with our Beach Athletes, specifically our College Development Program Athletes, 100% of our seniors receiving offers and/or playing in college from 2016-22 (this includes athletes playing indoor or indoor/beach as well). Visit our College Commitments tab to see the many schools our athletes chose to play at the college level.

With the same success we have had on the beach side, we look to bring to our indoor program. Our Directors/Coaches have contacts with college coaches all over the nation. We will work as much as we can with every athlete who desires help in the recruiting process. Our National Team Athletes on the indoor side and our College Development Athletes on the beach side will get more hands on with the recruiting process, due to their commitment level.

For more info on college recruiting feel free to reach out to us at

We look forward to continuing to see our athletes go on to play at the next level: D1, D2, D3, NAII or JUCO.