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Piedmont Beach Volleyball Club (PBVC) was birthed out of a love for the beach volleyball game. Our passion for the game resulted in conversations with many young athletes, which lead to private lessons. It didn’t take long for our private lessons to become group lessons, which lead to our first Beach Developmental Program (Summer of 2012).

Beach South – The Beginning

That first year we trained roughly 2 dozen young athletes in the beach volleyball game. These athletes had never been exposed to Beach Volleyball the way it was intended. They might have played at a family picnic or messed around on the beach during a family vacation, but had never considered workouts in the sand.

Their first introduction to beach volleyball included basic skills training, and of course Plyometrics and Cardio. It is one thing to do jump training in a gym and a yet another in the deep sand. Oh, did I mention this program was occurring during the hottest summer months? These young athletes trained week after week, becoming more accustomed to the shots and ball placements needed to play the doubles game. They competed in tournaments ranging from Greensboro (grass) to Wilmington, to Myrtle Beach and even a trip to Charleston. Mostly in juniors tournaments, however, there were instances where juniors weren’t offered so they competed against adults twice there age.

After a successful first season, news began to circulate and interest grew.

Beach South – Season Two

Early interest in season two consisted of roughly 90 atheletes.  Many of which were very new to beach volleyball and not sure of the commitment. All said and done, we had roughly 70 athletes train during the 2013 summer months. With such a wide array of talent, we set up three training divisions: gold, silver and bronze. Each division had a wide range of ages from 10 – college age athletes. Organizing divisions enabled us to stick to our training goals: developing young athletes in the skills of the beach volleyball game.

“The Newbies”

Bronze level athletes, “the newbies”, learning the basics of the beach volleyball game. This is usually our youngest group with little to no volleyball experience in general. They are eager to learn and the next generation of players.


Silver level athletes, who have played in High School or  JO.  These players are looking to better developed their volleyball skills for consistency on the court and effective shot placement. In many cases they use the plyo and cardio workouts to improve quickness for their upcoming high school season.


Our top division, Gold Level athletes are looking to play at the next level. They are working to perfect the ball handling skills, grow in court awareness, and are able to side out effectively.

Beach South – The Future

In the summer of 2013, Piedmont Beach Volleyball Club had an interest meeting to discuss adding a year round program. Initial interest was high and the discussion became a reality. Our inaugural year round program, CDP (College Development Program), consisted of 4 athletes. These athletes trained on the weekends in preparation for the East End Volleyball end of the year tournament in Myrtle Beach. We had two teams participating in the Women’s A Division. Both teams played extremely well in pool play. However, only one made it to the playoffs and came away with the tournament victory.

More and more articles are being written regarding it being an NCAA recognized sport with scholarships available in the near future. Beach Volleyball continues to grow across our country. With colleges adding it to their sports program, the future is very bright.